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  • Traditional Romanian way

  • Traditional Romanian sheep

  • Pure Romanian wool

MY Make-Along 2016

Join us this autumn! We have gorgeous designs, amazing sponsors and some new yarn straight from Romania!

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Why wool?

And moreover, why our wool?

Read all about what makes wool such an amazing natural fiber and about what makes our wool special.

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How to take care of wool

Wool is a wonderful material: treat it with care and you will enjoy your garments for a very long time.

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Our mission

“Moeke” is an ancient Dutch word for old woman or grandmother. “Lana Moeke” is a nowadays Romanian company that produces wool yarns just like our grandmother would make them. She would use wool from sheep that graze on natural pastures. She would use only the best part of the fleece. She would not use harsh chemicals to wash or dye the wool. She would spin the wool by hand or at a local spinning workshop. And she would make this work with love and care for the animals and for the wool. This is what we also do.

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  • Minimally processed

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 Our logo was designed by Cornel Sevastra

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