Traditional Romanian yarn

locally produced with love and care
  • Romanian sheep breeds
  • Traditional fiber mills
  • minimally processed yarn
Our Story

The journey to preserve the traditional Romanian yarn…

Hello! My name is Ioana and I am the co-founder of Moeke Yarns. I started the company together with my family in Romania, in the beginning of 2014.

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MY Make Along 2019

FAQ MY Make Along 2019

Hello! Join us in the 3rd MY Make Along, an international event open to all makers who are using Moeke Yarns for their projects, regardless of their craft! The kick off: September 14th 2019!

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Dor de duca / Wanderlust

Unique and intricate patterns for the adventurous maker

We are proud to present you a collection of beautiful and versatile knitting patterns especially created for the MY Make Along 2019 by Junko Okamoto, Jennifer Beale, Astrid Tueting, and Barbara von Stieglitz. Keep an eye on our Instagram feed for updates on the development of the patterns! Release date: September 16th 2019!


In love with Moeke Yarns

Knitting patterns for the contemporary maker

Our yarns have inspired numerous designers who created beautiful and versatile knitting patterns. We compiled an overview of the patterns released during 2018 and 2019 and we invite you to explore and get inspired! It is our way to show gratitude to these talented designers by presenting them and their work to you. Keep an eye on this space for daily updates!


Botanical dyed Elena yarn

Colours of nature

For this Make Along we reached out to three talented dyers who used the gifts of nature to develop a range of warm and rich colors using our Elena yarn as basis.


Meet the sponsors

And the prizes are offered by…

We invite you to meet the wonderful sponsors of the MY Make Along 2019: artists, crafters of all trades, and shop owners who share the same values as we do: a deep love for making, respect for animals and nature, and a view to the future while being committed to help preserve the local traditions and support local economies. Until the kick off, keep an eye on our Instagram feed for sneak peeks of the prizes!

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Zero tolerance for hate speech

We are speaking up and make it crystal clear: in this space, there is zero tolerance for hate speech. In this space, respect for everyone, regardless of sex, age, race, or sexual orientation, is the background for our deeds and words. In this space, we embarked on a path of compassionate understanding and acceptance of the other, with an open heart and the will to dismember frameworks of understanding that place us in “we” vs “they” categories. We believe firmly that inclusivity is not just a slogan, but the fabric that should underlie our community and society at large.

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