The Heritage yarn is a mix of wool, one that brings softness and one that brings durability. The Romanian merino sheep gave us their soft squishy wool and we mixed it with a bit of naturally brown Tigaie wool to create this grey shade that we call Industrial.

Because we minimally processed the wool, the yarn retains some of the protective layer of lanolin. Lanolin is the wool wax that help sheep to shed water from their coats and so, our yarns are especially suited for making garments that need to keep moist at bay, for instance gloves or socks. Especially persons suffering with rheumatoid arthritis could benefit from wearing wool gloves.

Please note that the weight of the skeins is not identical. We receive skeins of various weights because the machines of the fiber mill are not modern enough to produce consistent weights. Instead, it is the spinner that knows from experience how much wool has to be processed in every batch in order to get "more or less" the same weight skeins. We decided to weight the skeins after they were washed and dried. Skeins are then assigned to weight categories by following the + / - 5 gr rule: for example, between 46 to 55 we consider to be 50 gr, between 56 to 65 gr we consider to be 60 gr, etc. This is the best compromise that we can do in order to respect the technological limitations of the traditional fiber mills and to also ensure some kind of standardization that is required by the nowadays commercial trades.

We recommend using knitting needles EU 3 to 4. The yarn is spun in one strand and by using a lower size needle the fabric will have more durability. Length: 100 gr is around 330 m (fiber mill Sacele) and around 350 m (fiber mill Baicoi).

Hand wash and dry flat.