A vest for my father

This was such a special project for me. My father is the person behind Moeke Yarns who does the most work when it comes to everything that has to happen before the yarn is ready to be shipped to shops! I wanted to make something special for him, a garment from the same yarn that he is making!  He loved the result, and I hope you love it also! If you like to make this vest, the instructions are published on Ravelry as a free pattern! 

I wanted to make a warm and cozy vest, that also features a special stitch! My mother taught me this funny stitch that she calls "the tassel stitch" - what better way to have both my parents involved in this project! After my mother sent me his measurements, I got to work! I used two threads held together - one Elena natural and one Heritage and with size 5.5 mm needles this vest was off the needles really fast!

It is not a fancy vest - it does not have a slick shaping, it is honest and quite straightforward. For an beginner - intermediate knitter I think it would a doable project. The instructions are written for one size, but I do think it is easy to adjust the measure with just some basic mathematics.

A word of caution: I did not write the instructions as a row by row pattern. Also, the pattern is not knit tested or tech edited. A bit of common sense and understanding of basic knitwear construction is needed. But with this said, I hope you like this little project!