Holla TomBabe x Moeke Yarns: a manifesto

„I prefer the rather old and battered, things with character, to the brand new.“

Rick Allen

Things with character. Yarn with character. Patterns with character. That is what I always wanted Moeke Yarns to stand for. And I believe that we succeeded in doing that. And the collaboration with Holla TomBabe is the perfect way of visually showing you what I mean.

TomBabe. Holla TomBabe. Or a thriftshop for the antifit. The unisex. The ungendered. Created as a therapy in order to revive and find new purpose for valuable pieces of garment that need to remain among us. Vintage & retro, brand forward and premium materials directed.

Moeke Yarns. Traditional Romanian yarn spun by local fibre mills from local sheep breeds. Yarn that existed before knitting was cool. Yarn that has character and is part of the Romanian cultural heritage. Yarn that deserves to be preserved and be appreciated by the whole world. Because it is no less valuable than any other yarn.

Patterns. Timeless pieces. Combining techniques and thoughtful details that make the knitting experience so much more enjoyable and instructive. “Old” ones. Not new releases. We treasure these patterns for the love, and time, and care that went into creating them. We honour the work and the wonderful people that envisioned such wonderful garments. This is what we stand for.

A life-style and a choice of values to uphold. Minimalist. Thoughtful of what fast fashion does to the world. Choosing to make, to re-purpose, to re-use. Not because we can not buy new things, but because we choose character, we choose to make, we choose to preserve, we choose to spend our energy and time following our values.

We cannot please everyone. This proposal of a lifestyle will not fit everyone. But our proposal does not invalidate alternatives. It is just one expression among others. We hope that you will feel inspired to see the yarn and patterns in a different light. Each week, one “old” existing pattern will be brought to your attention, styled and photographed by Laura and Ina, the talented women behind Holla TomBabe, in the beautiful Romanian city Timisoara.

Follow our project on Instagram, we love to hear what you think of it! We will make sure to include all the links to the patterns and designers, the local shops where you can purchase the yarn, and also to the virtual space of Holla TomBabe thrift shop if you like to have a look at their carefully curated collection of clothing and accessories!

So let’s get started! The first in line: Bright sweater by Junko Okamoto! See you on Instagram!