9 days left ...


You know, when you set up a crowdfunding campaign the most important obstacle that needs to be dealt with is insecurity. I was thinking about this campaign since our second year when I realized that growing will be impossible without a solid infrastructure. But I did not dare to do anything. I did not feel confident enough that I can set up the campaign alone (and who has money to pay consultants???) and also, I was not confident that this project will attract much support and reach its goal. I mean... there are so many interesting projects and passionate people who are doing amazing things! And we are so small! So, I postponed as much as possible, tried to pay for the developments that we needed by ourselves without help from outside. The house was bought, we started renovating it.

And then the baby came. And suddenly the world changed. I realized that it will be impossible for me to keep up having a demanding 4 days a week job at the university and do the work for Moeke as before, and care for the baby, my relationship, and myself. In those moments I realized we need help if we want to continue.

When I realized that the alternative was stopping, the severity of the situation made this campaign possible. I gathered all my energy and set up the campaign. I planned the short video and against all my fears of being in front of the camera, I did my best to tell our story. And then I pressed "Live" and waited, and you can not imagine how nerve wracking that was. I was waiting to see if anyone will back up our project.

It took me more than a week after the campaign went live to realize what was going on. I mean, I saw the donations coming in but it felt surreal! It felt like a dream and I was afraid that I will wake up and all will be gone. It is funny how it is so hard to accept that people care about what you are doing. I am now, with only 9 days to go in the campaign, convinced that what we are doing has value. I am grateful that you are making our future possible. I miss the words to express what an impact you already have made on our life. Thank you!

So, today I made an overview of the campaign so far and I thought I will share it with you.

The campaign raised 24802$, that is 124% of our goal. This sum also includes shipping and the Indiegogo fee. 17 backers donated 633 $ without asking anything in return (wow!), 12 backers bought me a coffee (thank you! I needed it!), 71 backers also choose a pattern, 40 backers wanted to make a swatch (and the yarn already reached most of them!), 75 backers wanted 100 gr , 72 backers 50 gr, and 33 backers a sweater's worth of Elena dyed with plants. 2 backers wanted me to surprise them with a custom dyed yarn kit for a shawl (oh boy, do I have plans for that!) and 10 backers chose to have a lovely project bag with their skein of Elena dyed with plants.

All in all this means that I will dye for you 28.55 kg yarn. Red is the favorite color - I will dye 11.15 kg red and 2.6kg pink! Blue and green are close contenders with 6.9 and 6.1 kg respectively. And the rest I will dye yellows and purple. That's a lot of yarn! And as you know maybe, I will leave to Romania on July 17! So I really hope that when I will be back in the beginning of August I will be able to send the dyed yarn to you!

This said, and with 9 days to go in the campaign, I hope you will take the time to share the word again about it! There is still yarn to claim and also patterns :)


xx, Ioana