Help us build the Moeke Yarns fiber mill


So this happened: we started to build our own fiber mill in Romania. Why? Because we can not handle anymore the quantity of yarn that we have to produce with the current set up. But this is a huge step for us, and we need help. Reason why I set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and in this blog I want to tell you a bit about it!

In our first year Moeke Yarns produced about 100 kg of yarn. For those who do not know, the quantity of wool needed to produce 100kg yarn is about 250 kg. The los is about 60%. This quantity was cleaned by my father, vegetation, poop, and low quality wool removed by hand. Then the wool was washed in barrels of 200 l without any equipment. We did not have anything that first year. The next years we invested in increasing the production and creating a job, a first employee to help my father with the cleaning and washing the wool. In 2007 we produced about 700 kg of yarn. You can calculate yourself how much raw wool we had to clean and wash with the same rudimentary methods.

This is of course not an efficient work model. We need a good infrastructure, a modern washing station where the washing of the raw wool can be done more efficiently. This will allow us to buy more wool from the local shepherds and process it faster with less water and energy use. We already started the work and invested in a building where the processing station will operate. We renovated the old house and this space will become the center of the Moeke Yarns fiber mill. The next step: buying equipment for the washing station and hiring a new employer that will be responsible with the washing of the wool.

The washing station will primarily serve our needs but also the needs of the local shepherds who could entrust us with the washing of their wool, regardless of the quantity. At this moment there is no such facility for washing raw wool – even the fiber mills with whom we are collaborating do not offer washing services. This creates a lot of problems and discourages small farmers or local fiber artists from doing something with their wool.

And here is the part where we need your help! We already invested massively in the renovation of the building while in parallel we are also working to clean the wool needed for this year's production of yarns. We can not cover all the costs needed to equip the washing station and finish the yarns on time for the autumn. This is why we set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. How does it work? Everyone who wants to back our campaign can do so and at the end of the campaign, on June 30, we will receive the funds that we collected. We have a goal of 20000 $, and in return for your contribution we want to give back something special. To showcase our gratitude for your generous donation, we have several perks for you to claim, among which knitting and crochet patterns, some exclusive Elena yarn dyed with plants, and hand-made project bags!

I will stop here and invite you to visit the crowdfunding page on Indiegogo, watch the video, read, and consider helping us make our dream come true. Every little donation counts! And if your pockets are not so big, you can help us spread the word about the campaign among your friends or social media:

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Me and my family are grateful for your support!

xx, Ioana