Bring it on 2017!

Goal number 1: MY Make Along 2017

Bring it on 2017!

Don’t be fooled by the title of this post. 2016 was a year of challenges and I know for sure that 2017 will be no less! And while I am accepting this situation (hence the title), I do not have the answers already figured out to the known or the yet unknown obstacles and problems. But what I have are some goals defined, and these goals will be my guide. And I want to share these goals with you. Today about goal number 1: the MY Make Along 2017!

You think it is too early to talk about the MY Make Along 2017? I think not! If I learned anything from the first MY Make Along is that it is better to start early and have everything ready on time. Because things can go wrong, delays can happen, etc. So, the MY Make Along 2017 will start on September 12 2017. And the challenge is to have the yarn available in shops and the participating patterns ready. 

The yarn challenge should be doable. Now that we have an employee working for us, things are actually quite advanced. We made sure to have fleeces purchased from the last year shearing and they are now cleaned. As soon as we have warm weather, washing will start. This means that for this year we should have the yarns back from the fiber mills on time and we will be able to deliver it in August. 

The pattern challenge should also be doable. I am proud to let you know that Alina and Junko are on board and we have some very exciting plans! Each of these talented ladies is working on a collection of patterns, collections that have something in common and something different. The common element is given by the overarching concept of “capsule wardrobe”. The difference is given by the life style that we want to associate to each collection. So what does this mean? It means that both Alina and Junko will create a series of essential garments that are coherent in style and that complement each other. The woman central to Alina’s collection is the city dweller while the woman central to Junko’s collection has a romantic “old” spirit. The final outcome: to give you a versatile knitwear collection that you can mix with a few seasonal items in order to achieve diverse outfits, fitted to different occasions. And all this on time for September 2017! But we already started working on making these plans a reality - have you read the blogpost by Alina? And did you spot the beautiful details of the brown sweater by Junko?

I will end this post here and let it all sink in :) And next time, I will tell you more about goal number 2! 

Until then, happy crafting!

xx, Ioana

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