Bring it on 2017! Second part!

Goal number 2: "From head to toe" Challenge

Bring it on 2017! Second part!

When I started to make things, I made simpler things and I was genuinely afraid to start a big project like a sweater. I mean, think about it, thousands and thousands of stitches, sounds like a never-ending story… But then I gathered courage and inspiration from all the wonderful makers that I came across in real life and virtually, and finally I casted on for some serious knitting. And it was not that bad. There was a change in my head that helped – the switch from the result to the focus on the project.

Last year I made 12 garments: one shawl, a pair of mittens, a hat, a cardigan, 3 sweaters for me and one for my husband, a tee and a vest for me, a wrap for my mother and a snood for my mother in law. I also started to play around with sewing although I must say, I was not very serious about it. I am happy with what I’ve done. I love all the projects I made and those that I made for myself, I wear them a lot - if the weather permits of course. 

So here is my goal number 2 for 2017. A more personal goal this time: to make more but to make with intention, functional items that correspond to my needs and to my lifestyle. I want to cover myself from head to toe with self-made items, either knitted or sewed! The only buying allowed: second hand shops. 

I could of course start this challenge on my own, but what fun would that be? It is much more fun to join an event and be part of a community of makers that are inspired by the same values and ideals! One such event is called “From head to toe” and it is hosted by Lankakauppa Kera, a lovely shop from Finland that also carries our yarns. The event is also open to English speakers and the idea is simple: knit 9 items, start with the head and end with the toes and do that between January 2 until November 20. The first item: something for the head! Time remaining for this first item: until January 25! 

I finished knitting a hat not long ago, in fact it was done just in time for New Year’s Eve. But it is white. And while I love it, it is warm and cosy and has a pompom (!) it is my go-to-work hat. So for this first step of the challenge I decided to knit a hat for keeping me warm during my daily walk with the dog. Not white, simple, but not plain. I decided to go for an ombre hat, a thick one made from 2 strands held together – our Heritage dark and Elena natural. Pattern – improvised. But if you like to know more about it, check out the Ravelry project page, I promise I will update it with all the technicalities :)

Until next time, happy crafting everyone!

xx, Ioana


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