Alias: Happy Birthday Mara!

This is Chibi. Chibi Muertos to be more precise. He is obviously a skeleton. He is a misunderstood skeleton, he likes flowers and has a preference for bright colors. Not surprisingly, he is also feeling a bit alone. 

Coincidently, my friend Mara is celebrating her birthday today – Happy Birthday Mara! And she is also sometimes a bit misunderstood – totally understandable considering the fact that she has a soft spot for skeletons and bright colored yarns, preferably with glitter. And so, I saw the perfect opportunity to introduce them to each other! And I hope that Chibi has found a good home and a good friend :)

Note: Chibi Muertos is an embroidery pattern I bought from Urban Threads. The Iphone case I made in our wool felted fabric. Making this fabric is a laborious process: the wool is minimally processed and spun, then woven and the woven fabric is next felted. The resulting fabric still carries traces of this long process – little pieces of vegetable matter that, in my opinion, give it character and testify for its closeness to nature. The fabric is available in The Netherlands via Cross and Woods and Stik and Stof and in the USA via Fancy Tiger Crafts


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