Holiday to Romania

... a travel back in time

After two years of renovating our house, this year we finally had the time to take a holiday and visit my parents. A good thing also – the village where they live is still very old fashion and some folks asked me why am I always travel without my husband, as the only reason for this unusual behavior of a married woman could be domestic violence. So we packed the dogs and ourselves and after a 1700 km trip, here we were, in Romania, Valea Crisului village, Bihor county. 

Do you know how a holiday looks like for many Romanians? Some fortunate city people have a garden in a village with or without parents still living, and holiday usually means work on the farm. Some other fortunate Romanians have a piece of land some place and they are building slowly a house for when they retire and holiday means working on this house. When growing up, I also experienced my holidays in the same way: during school periods I was in the city and during holidays I was in the village, helping my grandmother with the farm chores.

Our 10 days holiday was exactly the same: we helped my father with washing wool, we worked on the farm – my husband learned to cut grass and I helped with the weeds in my mother’s veggies garden. We also drove my mother to the near city and the commune center, my parents don’t have a car and there are no buses or other public means of transportation for the villagers that need to move around. Quite a problem, as most of villagers are getting old and cannot walk so well anymore. And if they need to move around – like when they need to go 8 km to the commune center to see their physician, they rely on family or neighbors that have a mean of transportation. 

Beside the working and helping part we also experienced lack or running water. Just like when I was a child and my grandmother had no water in house, we had to go to the watering hole and get us some water! Of course, for us that also have to wash wool, the fact that water is a problem in the village has really bad implications. What we do this year is have water brought to us from a nearby river in a water tank. Else, all our production would be set on hold. 

When reading these lines maybe you think that I did not enjoy my holiday. That is wrong. I loved it! I loved helping my parents and working on the farm! I always loved this kind of work, it makes the body tired but it relaxes the mind. As for the water issue – well, it is good sometimes to remember that what we take for granted is not to be taken for granted. Having running water, good roads and infrastructure are luxuries in some parts of the world and we should be more thankful for what we have and for our standard of living. 

Xx, Ioana 


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