Introducing the DOINA collection

Introducing the DOINA collection

We learned in school that the Romanian is brother with the forest, that the relationship with the nature is immanent and ever shaping the rural way of life. Pastoral life followed the natural rhythm of the seasons: spring came and the shepherds gathered the village’s sheep and went up the mountains where the sheep could graze without depleting the pastures. Carpathian shepherd dogs were trusted protectors of sheep and shepherds against the wolfs and bears.

But life was lonely up on the mountain. The shepherd’s flute was his companion, expressing the longing and nostalgic feeling of being away. Doina – the ballad that the shepherd sang, is the expression of the Romanian’s soul, a melancholic song of sad loneliness, but also a song of fruitions and hopes. And more than that, Doina is a song that is transcends time and place. Today or thousand years ago, the melancholic flute notes tell a story of inner richness that cannot be expressed in words, touching the souls and conveying emotions.
The Doina collection of knitwear, like the ballad, was developed around a feeling. The feeling of being home, of relaxing and unwinding before or after a busy day, of finding peace even if for just a brief moment. The 7 patterns created by Alina and Junko are here to become the woolly hug that accompany this moment of silence and peace.
The lookbook of the collection is now online and the patterns will be available on Ravelry on September 15, 00:00 Amsterdam time. For the next days the new patterns are discounted and if you buy all the patterns either by Alina or by Junko, the discount is even more substantial😊 And, good to know, previous purchases of the already released patterns are taken into account for the larger discount 😉
Xx, Ioana

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