Our first professional photoshoot!

Our first professional photoshoot!

Have you followed the Instagram stories last Sunday? Then you know that we had our first professional photo-shoot! With the craziest and fun team ever! 

The photograph – you can find her on Instagram as satellitejune – is such a talented woman! And! She takes photos using the classic “real” films! That means that there is no preview screen on her camera and she can’t take 5000 shots only to select afterwards the best! Nope! She has to use her flair and her vision, and that is, I think, art! 

The stylist – Julia, was as fun as you can get 😊 She really understood what I wanted in terms of styling, but again, that might be very easy task because my face apparently is like an open book… She was also nice to label my controlling tendencies as reflecting me being very organized, maybe not in these words, but I appreciated the comment 😉 

And let’s not forget the models! If you follow the Instagram account, surely you will recognize them! Because I decided that the best models are real women! Real as in not-professional. Do you want to know who? Well, there was my mother in law, then Sandra and Marijke, and then Lotte! Beautiful women wearing beautiful knitwear! Perfect match in my opinion!

And the knitwear patterns? Some you know already, because they were released throughout the year – Heritage by Alina and The Twigs and The little garden by Junko. But there are 4 new patterns that are part of the collection and that will be released when the MY Make Along 2017 will start on September 15!

I end now and the only thing I want to add is: waiting is killing me! Because of course, with analog photography you actually have to wait for the films to be developed to see the result! But Nikki is already working hard preparing the photos, and she sent me some screenshots! I shared with you only one – I love The Twigs on analog! For the remaining patterns and photos, we will just have to wait until September 15! 😊 

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