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This post is inspired by the simple fact that last week I got a nasty cold that got me confined in bed for two days. I am in fact happy that was not worse than that, since the season of germ-happiness is ranging around here. And I am also happy that I was able to get me out of bed and functioning in 2 days, and all this with some “low tech” remedies, basically only paracetamol and homemade herbal remedies. And for some of the remedies that I made I used some of the tips that I received from you. I drank lots of herbal tea (thank you Nikki!) and warm milk with honey, freshly squeezed orange jus, and the second bed-day I made me a killer chicken broth. Super concentrated, packed with parsnip, carrots, onion and garlic, and topped with fine sliced fresh chili peppers, ginger, garlic and parsley. Eat that and you are instantly sweating. And you get better.

You see, I come from Romania, one of those countries that feel like going back in time, especially if you travel through the rural areas. Nature and homemade herbal remedies are still an important part of the way life is in Romania. I grew up on a farm and my grandmother treated me almost exclusively with plants. When growing up, I was almost never sick and I am pretty sure that the reason for that was the clean air, the free of any pesticides food and the fact that we used to regularly drink tea made from the plants that we gathered and dried ourselves from the farm or nearby forest. 

I live now in The Netherlands and I think it is so incredibly weird that people have no idea what certain plans are good for. We, as children, were socialized in knowing the “weeds” and their medicinal properties. I am happy to see that there is a community and herbalists that want to give back to the people this knowledge about the humble plants and how powerful they are. I am slightly fed up with the whole super-fruits miracle-plants commercial exploitation and I appreciate efforts to spread the word on what herbal medicine is.

I teamed up with one of these herbalists. Her name is Natasha and is the woman behind Forage Botanical. The website is full with useful information about the healing properties of plants, recipes and tips for different health conditions and there is also a podcast for your listening pleasure. 

Natasha has also put together some e-guides on various topics related to herbal medicine. And she agreed to offer a copy of her Folk Medicine Making Guide for one of you! What you have to do in order to win is very simple: we ask you to share your favorite herbal remedy recipe! Can be any recipe for any type of condition, but something that is tested and it works! And we ask you to also be specific: what ingredients you use and how you make this remedy. Why we ask such things? Because we want to spread the word, share the knowledge, so we all can benefit!  

You can share your recipes as comments to this blog or comments on my post on Instagram. Or, you can post a photo on your Instagram account and use the #shareherbalremedies hashtag! You have until the end of the month to share your recipes. After that, Natasha will choose a winner recipe that will also be featured on her blog!

So, let’s start sharing! 

Xx, Ioana and Natasha


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