The Big Half Hap

I promised myself for a long time that I will write this blogpost. I find it important to give credit and to highlight talented makers who so skillfully work with our yarn and create wonderful things. One of these makers is Josh and this is the story of her Big Half Hap pattern. 

Josh lives in the Netherlands and she is seriously passionate about yarn. And nowadays she is also passionate about dyeing with plants. She participated in the MY Make Along 2016 and she combined the two passions with as result a Half Hap pattern using our yarn that she dyed herself with plants. 

And this half hap is wonderful! It is big and feels like a wooly hug. It combines texture and a bit of lace, just to make it a bit extra ordinary without overdoing it too much. Josh used our Elena yarn, undyed and then dyed with madder in 2 shades, walnut, birch and goldenrod. You know that I am a fan of muted warm colors obtained with plants! In this case the warmth of the colors and the warmth of the hap complement each other perfectly!

Since I started Moeke Yarns I developed a passion for taking photos of yarn and wooly items. And more than that, I discovered that when I see a pattern I have the tendency to imagine it in a certain surrounding and to associate it with a certain feeling. And this hap resonates with everything natural. I asked Josh to allow me to capture the feeling that I got when seeing her pattern and she agreed. And then I asked Lotte – a sweet young lady that makes me think of Jane Bennet, to help me show you how beautiful this hap is. I hope that I succeed! So tell me, what do you see? What emotions resonate with these images? 

The Big Half Hap is available on Ravelry and Josh has kindly offered a 25% discount for all of you reading this post and wishing to purchase the pattern. All you need to do is use the code MOEKEYARNS. The discount is valid from Monday 31 January 0:00 to Friday 4 February 24:00 (Time zone: Amsterdam). 

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