The neck warmer tutorial

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The neck warmer tutorial

As part of the #headtotoeschallenge hosted by Lankakauppa Kera I made myself a neck warmer. I made this item with a specific function – to keep me warm during my boxing sessions. We train outside and now the weather is quite frigid (I am being kind to the weather now…). During the first minutes I need something small and effective for my neck. A shawl would get in the way, a cowl would hang and again, get in the way, but a snug neck warmer would stay close to the neck throughout my training. 

Of course, for this item I chose pure wool. Pure wool breathes, and even if I get sweaty, wool will make sure that I feel dry and warm. I chose our Romanian merino and Heritage for a mix of softness and durability. Plus, the Heritage comes in grey, so I could train my skills in color work.

My inspiration was a book with traditional Romanian motifs that my grandmother had and I inherited. Among the countless beautiful motifs, I found a simple repetitive one that I thought will create a nice effect. Of course, when I copied the motif onto my paper I made a mistake. If you look carefully to the chart and to the photo of my neck warmer I am sure you can spot it. I guess this is why test knitters are needed – to make sure that these mistakes are not present in the final instructions! I did not have a test knitter but I did my best to write the chart and instructions as accurate as possible. But, if you spot a mistake, let me know so I can fix it :)

You can download the tutorial here. It is free for your own use, and I hope you will enjoy making it. I also added it as a free pattern on Ravelry! If you are making it in our yarns I would love to see your projects :) If you like to use the Romanian motif for your own projects, please give credit to the source. Thank you!

Some words about the size: as I said, for my needs I wanted a snug fit, but if you would like to make it a bit wider all you need is to add some more repeats of the motif. So make sure that you check your gauge carefully and also the dimensions of the neck warmer in order to determine if this size is what you need.



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