Vita de Vie

Vita de vie (grape wine in Romanian) was designed by Amy Christoffers for Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 24, Spring 2018. Amy was inspired by a Romanian postal stamp and she used our Heritage yarn for her pattern.

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A vest for my father

This was such a special project for me. My father is the person behind Moeke Yarns who does the most work when it comes to everything that has to happen before the yarn is ready to be shipped to shops! I wanted to make something special for him, a garment from the same yarn that he is making!  He loved the result, and I hope you love it also! If you like to make this vest, the instructions are published on Ravelry as a free pattern! 

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Ombre hat - a short tutorial

For this hat, I used our Heritage yarn, the darker version and Elena yarn natural. I knitted the hat with two strands of yarn for extra coziness. My gauge was 17.5 stitches / 4 inc (10 cm). I used around 35gr of Heritage and 35 gr Elena for the hat and around 15 gr extra for the pompom.

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Romanian folk inspired neck warmer

The inspiration for this neck warmer was a book with traditional Romanian motifs that my grandmother had and I inherited. Among the countless beautiful motifs, I found a simple repetitive one that I thought will create a nice effect. The pattern is free and you can download it from Ravelry.

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