Moeke Yarns

Where to buy


For Australia: 

Canterbury: Sunspun Fine Yarns



For Belgium: 

On-line: Wolweide



For Canada: 

Vancouver: Three Bags Full Yarn Shop



For China: 

Zhejiang province/On-line: Blue Balloon



For Denmark: 

Copenhagen: Uldstedet



For Finland: 

On-line: Lankakauppa Kera



For France: 

On-line: Laine & Tricot



For Germany: 

Muenchen / On-line: Rauwerk

Brunswick / On-line: Stil Bluete



For Japan: 

Osaka / On-line: Eylul



For Latvia: 

On-line: Amu


For Lithuania: 

On-line: Siuline



For The Netherlands: 

Den Haag / On-line: Cross and Woods (yarn and fabric)

Driebergen-Rijsenburg: Trollenwol

Groningen: Achterpand

Joure: AJoure Breiboutique

Leiden / On-line: Stik en stof (fabric)

Nijmegen: Lulay Handwerk

On-line: Wieniemel

Rijssen / On-line: Het Wolhuis

On-line: Wol zo Eerlijk

Rotterdam / On-line: Ja, wol

Rotterdam / On-line: Textielfabrique 



For New Zealand: 

On-line: Jane Wool



For Norway: 

On-line: God som ull



For Portugal: 

Lisabon / On-line: Retrosaria



For Spain: 

Baleares: OPENstudio79

Barcelona: Les Jardins de Juliette

Malaga / On-line: Oh Lanas



For Sweden: 

Göteborg / On-line: Strikk

Helsingborg / On-line: Tant Thea

Online: Organic Knitters



For The UK: 

Edinburgh / On-line: Ginger Twist Studio

Grayshott/ On-line: Tallyarns

Ticehurst: The Old Haberdashery



For Ukraine: 

On-line: Azuleta



For USA: 

On-line: Woolful

Carnation/ On-line: Tolt Yarn and Wool

Denver / On-line: Fancy Tiger Crafts (yarn and fabric)

On-line: Nutmeg

Robbinsdale / On-line: Palette and Purl

Milwaukee / On-line: Wild Haven Fiber Company

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