My knitting story started when I was sad, more than sad… Disappointed, in poor health and lost. To cut a long story short… I graduated from the university with honors, but had no idea if teaching was actually what I wanted to do in my life. This same month after graduation I was diagnosed with chronic kidneys inflammation that required regular courses of antibiotics. I was always active, teaching pilates classes in the local fitness studio, running, walking, but after finding out about my kidney problem, I broke. Completely. So here I was, no idea what to do with my life, fighting kidney inflammations and looking at a grey winter sky covered in smoke from the industrial plants scattered all around the town. I was sad. Feeling useless. For months and months.

Five or six months passed. Once I woke up and remembered something. I could crochet. My Grandma taught me when I was 9 years old. I stopped when I was 12 and never came back to it. I called my Granny and said “Granny, I want to start crochet again”. I heard a sigh of relief. “Of course! Let’s go to a yarn store”. And there I was, in my first yarn store, which was a tiny little space with a couple of shelves of cheap acrylic yarn. But suddenly I felt home. It was weird, completely inexplicable. But I felt happy, again. We bought some yarn, a crochet hook. And since then I don’t remember a single week without a ball of yarn on my lap. It felt so real, so simple. I became a maker.

This is a fragment that was published on Alina's blog. You can read the rest of the story here. Make sure to read through her blog, as it is full with tips and tutorials and stories of amazing people. Also, make sure to follow her Instagram feed for news on upcoming designs!

What patterns are eligible for the MY Make-Along 2016

Journey: a textured wool cable pullover specially designed with Moeke Yarns Elena in mind. Features a super cozy double sleeve cuffs and simple 1*1 ribbing neckline that creates a nice contrast with the richness of the main fabric.

Release date: 4 September 2016. Purchase via Ravelry.

Choice cardigan: a beautiful textured cardigan designed for Moeke Yarns Elena. Alina's love for cables and textured stitches will make this cardi an eye catcher.  

Release date: November 6. Purchase via Ravelry.



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