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What is MY Make-Along?

The MY Make-Along is more than an knit or crochet along! It is a celebration of fiber arts, an event meant to bring together this great community of fiber enthusiasts, pattern designers, makers, artists and shop owners.

How can you participate to the MY Make-Along?

The conditions to enter the make-along are pretty simple: 1) make one of the patterns (to be) released this year and specially designed for MY and 2) use MY to make it. In addition, weavers are also welcome! The only condition is to use MY (also in combination with other fibers). 

This year we were fortunate to inspire a number of designers that created beautiful and functional items with our yarns. Some patterns are already released, some are scheduled to be released during the next months. You can read more about the participating designers here

What is the duration of the  MY Make-Along?

The MY Make-Along 2016 will start on 12 September 2016. At that time, a first batch of yarn was already sent to shops all over the world, so you can already plan for your favorite pattern! 

The end of the MY Make-Along 2016: 18 December 2016. I will announce the winners on 22 December 2016, just before X-mass! I will send the prizes shortly after that!

What are the prizes of the MY Make-Along?

Well, it depends. We wanted to use the MY Make-Along as an excuse to  bring together shops, artists and makers and to introduce them to the amazing community that loves MY. We contacted some amazing people who graciously agreed to sponsor the event with a large variety of prizes that match the taste, interests and values that we all share  – a deep love for nature and an interest in eco-friendly, locally produced and sustainable goods. You can find all about the sponsors and the offered prizes here. 

And because the MY Make-Along is more than a KAL, I wanted the prizes to be special. And so, from all the items that were offered, we will make packages by combining a little bit of this and a little bit of that, some extra yarn, tea and artisan handmade soap, in order to create exciting prizes for the winners! And since we received such a generous support, we can offer many prizes! 

General prizes, to be extracted at the end of the Make-Along

Knitting FO” - 3 prizes for finished knitted projects. To enter: post a photo of your FO on Instagram or on the Facebook group using the hashtag: #mymakealong2016. Use any of the eligible patterns of the event!

Crochet FO” - 3 prizes for finished crocheted projects. To enter: post a photo of your FO on Instagram or on the Facebook group using the hashtag: #mymakealong2016. Use any of the eligible patterns of the event!

Best styled FO” - 3 prizes for the best styled knitted or crocheted FO. We will choose the winners among the photos posted on Instagram or on the Facebook group and using the hashtag: #mymakealong2016. Only the eligible patterns of the event can enter!

Pets and wool” - 3 prizes  for photos featuring your pet(s) and your MY Make-Along project. To enter: post your photo on Instagram or on the Facebook group using the hashtag: #mymakealong2016. Any photo featuring a furry friend is eligible! 

The compulsive maker” - 3 prizes for  participants that completed several projects during the Make-Along. Only the eligible patterns of the event can enter!

The weaver” - because I think we need to support the weavers out there also! 3 prizes for exciting weaving projects. To enter: post your photo on Instagram or on the Facebook group using the hashtag: #mymakealong2016 and tell us in the comment how did MY inspire your design.

 "Moeke in The Netherlands" - 3 prizes for Dutch  participants. To enter: take a photo of your Make-Along project or FO somewhere in a very Dutch scenery. Tag your photo with the hashtags: #mymakealong2016 and #mymakealong2016NL. Only the eligible patterns of the event can enter!

"Everything goes" - 3 prizes. To enter: post your photo on Instagram or on the Facebook group using the hashtag: #mymakealong2016. Any other pattern than the eligible ones and any other technique other than knitting, crocheting or weaving will do! The only requirement is to use Moeke Yarns to make it!

The dyer" - 3 prizes for  participants who try their hand at dyeing their Moeke Yarns with plants! To enter: post your photo on Instagram or on the Facebook group using the hashtag: #mymakealong2016.

 Weekly prizes

Every week of the MY Make-Along 2016 (between September 12 to December 18) we will randomly choose 1 winner who will receive a free patter offered by one of the designers participating in the event. To enter: post a photo on Instagram or on the Facebook group using the hashtag: #mymakealong2016. All photos posted from Sunday to Saturday are eligible. We will choose a winner every Sunday. 

Here's the list of the patterns that can be won every week:


12-18  "Ella bonet" by Junko 

19 – 25 "La Flor" by Alina

26 – 2 October "Then Comes Spring Shawl" by Francoise


3 - 9 a pattern of choice by Susanne

10 -16 "Abloom vest" by Mara

17 – 23 "The sun is shinning Moeke" by Annelies

24 – 30 "Bubble Wristwarmers" by Puk


31 October – 6 "Lee beret and gloves" by Junko 

7 – 13 "Reindeer" by Alina

14 – 20 "Puaka Shawlette" by Francoise

21 – 27  a pattern of choice by Susanne

28 – 4 "Open windows vest" by Tatiana


5-11 "The sun is shinning Moeke" by Annelies

12 – 18 "Bubble Wristwarmers" by Puk

And the #wipsandblooms? What is with that?

#wipsandblooms is what its name indicate: a hashtag that comprises photos of #wips and #blooms. It was initiated by Kate @aplayfulday, who once asked: why is #wipsandblooms not a thing? Thanks to her, it is now! Wips and Blooms is a celebration of process and creativity and I particularly feel inspired by what Kate wrote here

"For many of us who make, craft and create on a daily basis, we can often be tempted to only share what has worked or the great reveal of our finished piece. Making is a process that can be short or long and along the way we can change direction or abandon an idea entirely in favour of choosing a new path. We make decisions and life happens around us as we work stitches, sketch ideas and prepare our materials. All of those decisions, all of those moments, go into our work as we work steadily each season, working towards completion. "

In October, by sharing a photo featuring your MY Make-Along #wip and flowers of your choice you can win a special prize: a lovely botanical illustration, some black tulip bulbs (of course tulips! It cant 'get more Dutch than that, right?), some special MY dyed with plants (I am thinking madder and indigo), artisan handmade soap and a special tea blend. Check out A Playful Day blog and Instagram for updates! 

How about the wool-felted fabric?

This year we are embarking in a new adventure! We discovered an old fashion fabric workshop where artisans are producing wool-felted fabric the old fashion way: first spin some yarn, weave it and then felt the fabric. We have also found a talented textile designer who felt inspired by the fabric and accepted the challenge: to create a sewing pattern that will make it shine! We are super exited about this collaboration and in due time we will tell you more! But now, one thing is clear: the pattern is planned for release during this autumn! And yes! We will have a special sew-along dedicated to it!

If I need pattern support?

Every participating designer will have a forum open for the participants to the MY Make-Along 2016. You can ask question and receive support. You can also post questions in the Facebook group - one of the reasons we wanted to set up a Facebook group is because Facebook is so much better at facilitating discussions than Instagram. We hope that we can all help each other in this group with suggestions, advice and tips! 


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