Nikki Solomon

Nikki Solomon

I am a fiber artist residing in the mountains outside of Asheville, NC. I typically have knitting needles in my hands at home and take them when I go. I try to start and end my day in the quiet, meditative refection of knitting. It is a grounding constant for me; a ritual and essential to my being. Knitting brings calm to my mind and relaxes my fidgety hands.  The repetitive motion with the needles and warm fiber soothes my soul.

I enjoy working with fiber at the spinning wheel. I can get mesmerized by the rhythmic circular motion and find it is a time to get lost in my thoughts.  It is such a simple, yet magical process to me.  I love the feel, colors and textures. I like to think that as the fiber goes through my hands spun into yarn, each little stitch and row carefully knit, so weave in my dreams. Every path the fiber has gone through from animal, plant, sun, rain, soil, love and care influences it's creation. Through the hands of many into the beauty of what it has become today. 

I also fill my days as a natural yarn dyer at Fern Fiber.  I am co-owner with my friend Maria Muscarella.  Our yarn company focuses on supporting small farms and sustainable fiber.  We gather local plants from forests, roadsides and gardens, or use concentrated natural dye powders.  We are trying to grow several of our favorite dye plants ourselves; like indigo, madder, tansy, coreopsis and hopi sunflowers.  We also have a small batch of local yarns, which are released every few months depending on availability.  These are a very special group of yarns as the fiber comes from our abundant fiber community and spun at a local mill. It is quite rewarding to work with fiber on so many levels and I hope to pass the knowledge to my children one day.

My son already knits often in the cooler months and my daughter is eager to learn.  She weaves yarn with her fingers and creates cozy places with her creations for her wooden animals and fairy dolls.  We currently have 4 angora rabbits and hope to have our very own flock of sheep one day.  Fiber is a golden thread that weaves through our lives together.

Thank you Nikki for supporting the MY Make-Along 2016 with a special blend of herbal tea! 

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