Make a herb satchel

Make a herb satchel

Materials needed:

Linen (8x8 cm for a satchel). I used plain linen that I colored using eco-printing techniques. For 16 satchels you need 32 cm x 64 cm fabric. For 10 you need 40 cm x 32 cm.

Dried rosemary, lavender or lovage

Transfer pen


Sewing machine (optional)

Needle and thread


Directions (for 16 satchels)

Fold the linen in half making a 32 x 32 cm fabric square and using the transfer pen draw parallel lines every 8 cm from one side to another. Cut the linen following the marked lines: you should end up with 4 fabric bands. For each linen band use the transfer pen again to mark lines at 8 cm apart. Cut the resulting fabric squares out. You will end up with 32 square pieces and you will use 2 pieces for 1 satchel (thus, 16 satchels).


Using the sewing machine (or by hand) sew around 3 sides of the satchels. Turn them with the inside out. Fill in the satchels with dried rosemary and close the opening by hand. Done! Now all there is left to do is to place the satchels in your closet and drawers. 

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